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Bakewell Methodist Junior School

Bakewell Methodist Junior School

Curriculum Information

Specific information about what your child will be learning this term can be found on the Individual Class Pages.  If you require further information please contact the school office or your class teacher.  


The National Curriculum in England 2014 (NC) breaks English down into Spoken Language Reading and Writing.  We provide English lesson in mixed ability groups for an hour each day.  We use a variety of methods and resources including ‘Talk for Writing’, which enables the children to study how different types of texts are contracted before they have a go themselves.  The teaching of writing includes teaching about different genres and their individual characteristics enabling the children to write fluently in a variety of styles.  Writing lessons include the technical aspects of spelling grammar and punctuation required by the NC.  Reading is taught in groups, which help the children to understand texts and foster a love of books.  Children are encouraged to and rewarded for reading at home for longer periods of time.  We run workshops for parents to ensure they are equipped to maintain the reading habit in their children right through KS2. 


Maths is taught for an hour each day in mixed ability groups. Teaching follows the NC and is supported by Abacus. 


Science is also taught as a discrete subject and follows the requirements of the NC.  The children participate in practical activities and more formal recording of scientific activities. 


Children have access to a broad range of IT devices in the school including PCs, laptops, and iPads.  Children use ICT to enhance their other curriculum work, such as presentation in topic work or word processing to present writing.  They also follow the NC to learn to understand and apply the fundamental principle of computer science and become confident computer users. 


French is taught once a week using a mixture of conversation, written work, songs and poems.


Children are taught all aspects of music through a weekly lesson.  In Y5 all children are taught to play a brass instrument.  There is opportunity for all children to have private music lessons at school. 

Physical Education

Children have two hour-long PE sessions each week.  This is provided by a sports coach employed by the school.  The children have the opportunity to participate in all sport covered in the NC.  We are part of the Lady Manners Cluster Sports Partnership and participate in 16 competitive events each year. 

Religious Education

We follow the DCC syllabus in RE and this is taught once a week.


Design and Technology

Art & Design



These four areas are covered as part of our topics, which are listed below.  Children participate in a variety of practical and fun activities.

Year A (2014/15) (2018/19)

Terms 1&2 Extreme Earth

Terms 3&4Modern and Ancient Greece

Terms 5&6 Take One Picture- Whitby

Year B (2015/16) (2019/20)

Terms 1&2 Mountains

Terms 3 Mayan Civilisation

Terms 5&4 Stone Age to Iron Age

Terms 6 Olympics

Year C (2016/17) (2020/21)

Terms 1&2 Tudors (Local study)

Terms 3&4 Robots

Terms 5&6 Space and the Roman Empire

Year D (2017/18) (21/22)

Terms 1&2 The Cool stuff

Terms 3&4 Rainforests

Terms 5&6 Anglo-Saxons and Scots.  Vikings to 1066.